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The streets is a short stop. Either you slanging crack rock,

or you got a wicked jump-shot.


— Biggie Smalls


35 mins   |   English   |  Documentary

Director: Paul Lewis

Subterracon Films, in partnership with The Abstract Athlete project, is in production on a new short documentary featuring the Richmond, Virginia-based artist, Jaraz Jenkins, who survived a life on the street and jail-time to build a new, creative and positive life.


The producers hope to inspire and educate a local to global community with Jaraz's unique voice and incredible journey.

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Thank you to the supporters of this film

Ron Johnson

Lorna Wyckoff

Dale and John Schwartz and Family

Deb Golden

The Henry Family

Kristen Cavallo

Jan Serr & John Shannon


Marcia and Harry Thalhimer

Pheobe  Antrim

Ruth Bolduan

Sally Bowring

Rachel Cohn

Jessica Cruz

Danielle Dick

Jamesha Fisher

Frederick Fulmer

Vaughn Garland

Deb Golden

J.E. Graham-Landau

Tucker  Greer

Todd Gropper

Jason Hackett

Heather Harvey

Gregg Hickey

Katie  Houser

Andrew Ilnicki

Elizabeth Jasper

Judith Johnson

Ron V. Johnson Sr.

Christine  Kerber

Jonathan Lee

Royal  Lee

Whitney Lynn

Amy McVaugh

Hayley Nestor

Andy Patton

Mary Pearse

michael Pierce

Mim Scalin

John  Schwartz

Joseph and Suzanne Seipel

Jessica Sims

Jessica  Todd

Meg Viar

Brandi Walker

Kristi Walker

Sasha Waters Freyer

David Withers

Lindsay Wood

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