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Projects in Production

This page lists unfinished Subterracon projects in various stages of production.

Jaraz Main Cut Poster image_edited.jpg

Untitled: The Survivor Art of Jaraz Jenkins

Subterracon Films, in partnership with the Abstract Athlete, has produced a new short documentary featuring the Richmond, Virginia-based artist, Jaraz Jenkins, who survived a life on the street and jail-time to build a new, creative and positive life.

Rick Aversion in Bolar

A no-holds-barred, philosophical monologue from the director of such films as The Mountain and The Comedy, dealing with his evolving thoughts on American cinema and television. It is destined to both provoke and entertain cinematic audiences everywhere.

Alverson Poster.jpg


Subterracon's latest film project, Aquidneck, loosely based on themes behind Thornton Wilder's, Theophilus North, is both part documentary and part creative fabrication — a cinematic journey that serves as a modern impression of an unwritten memoir. 

The Lord's Oyster

Lord's Oyster Pic.jpg
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