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SUPPORT SUBTERRACON FILMS — our individual supporters are the key to our independent productions

Currently raising funds for The Lord's Oyster

Three ways to give to Subterracon

1. Direct to Subterracon

Contribute to Subterracon films with a direct donation through PayPal using the button below

Though not tax-deductible, giving directly comes with a host of fun rewards from the projects in production.

2. Contribute Tax-deductibly 

Contribute through our nonprofit sponsor Fractured Atlas. Your contributions are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

How does it work? The donation is made to Fractured Atlas and they earmark those funds for our project costs only. It is a safe, transparent and responsible process.

3. Contribute by check

We can accept your check in one of two ways:


To contribute directly for Subterracon rewards

Make your check out to:

Subterracon Films

and mail it to:

PO Box 12315

Richmond, VA 23241

To contribute tax-deductibly 

Make your check out to:

Fractured Atlas

and mail to:

Subterracon Films

PO Box 12315

Richmond, VA 23241

Giving levels for The Lord's Oyster  Choose and remember your level before clicking link opposite

Friend — $25 - $150+ (Tax-deductible giving available)

Supporter — $250+ (Tax-deductible giving available,

project poster)

Patron — $500+ (Tax-deductible giving available, full merch package, poster, mug, t-shirt, etc.)


Benefactor — $1000 (All the above, plus on-screen, back-end scrolling credit)


Authors’ Club — $5000+ “PATRON” — (All the above, plus shared, back-end on- screen credit)

VIP — $10,000+ “SUPPORTED BY” — (All the above, plus full-screen, back-end credit)


Producer — $20,000+ “ASSOCIATE PRODUCER” — (All the above, plus on-screen, “front-end” credit)


Executive Producer — $30,000+ — “EXECUTIVE PRODUCER”- (All the above, plus full-frame, front-end credit)


Benefits to Giving

Becoming a contributor to Subterracon Films is an opportunity for an individual or corporation to invest in cultural programming that is produced responsibly, transparently and professionally.

Subterracon’s work reflects the values of its contributors, who ensure its commitment to moral and artistic rights and processes, while exploring subject matter of interest to a global community.


Contributions through our nonprofit sponsor, Fractured Atlas, are fully tax-deductible.

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