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Rick Alverson

A no-holds-barred, philosophical monologue from the director of such films as The Mountain and The Comedy, dealing with his evolving thoughts on American cinema and television. It is destined to both provoke and entertain cinematic audiences everywhere. 


Producer / Director: Paul Lewis

Running time: 15 - 20 mins.

Alverson Poster.jpg

Project Details:

Working title:

Rick Alverson 


Running time:

15-20 mins.


Production Company: Subterracon Films 


Producer / Director: Paul Lewis


Creative Consulting / Sound Design: Kelley Baker


Est.Release Date: August 2024

Target Audience: 12+

festival and broadcast screening.


Film Genre: Documentary Short


Film Topic: A film director’s observations on the state of American cinema and television.


Production Details:

Audio/Visual Material Captured: 90% complete

Principal Editing: 20% complete

Post-Production: 0% complete

Production Locations: Highland County, VA; Richmond, VA

P1010932 2.jpg

In most contemporary American cinema, the modus operandi is NOT to shake you...

so you enter and exit, unscathed.

— Rick Alverson

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